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    You will learn all the latest tools to create innovative, inspiring web applications

Web Developer Course in New York

Cloud Web Application Development

Our web developer bootcamp takes you from being an amateur to a professional web developer in 3 intensive weeks. Most of the time will be in coding with fanatic support to provide you feedback in a timely manner. By the end of the course, you will be able to create a fully functional website using all the latest technologies. Whether you are planning on changing your career from a non-technical field to an IT field or whether you are a recent graduate looking to get hands-on coding experience or whether you are looking to set-up a web-based start-up, this course is ideal for you.

Participants will create an app that on their browser will send HTTP requests to their cloud server instance. The nginx web server will handle the requests, serving static files and passing functional requests to Node for processing. Node will connect to MongoDB to store and retrieve the analytics data.

  • JSON
  • Installing the Node JavaScript server
  • Learning the Node APIs
  • Using the Node package manager
  • Understanding document databases
  • Installing the MongoDB database
  • Developing efficient storage algorithms
  • Designing a multi-process architecture
  • Connecting nginx, Node, and MongoDB end-to-end
  • Displaying real-time usage charts

Cloud Services

This module shows participants how to store their application data in the cloud, using the Amazon SimpleDB cloud database. Participants also learn how to write a REST web service and how to synchronize local mobile application data with data in the cloud.

  • Understanding cloud services
  • Understanding cloud databases
  • Understanding the REST model for web services
  • Learning to use the Amazon SimpleDB service
  • Learning to use the simpledb Node module
  • Developing a command-line interface for SimpleDB
  • Dealing with time differences on clients and servers
  • Developing a web service interface for SimpleDB
  • Synchronizing local data with remote data

Cloud Database Development

  • Explanation of a Remote or Cloud Database
  • Types of Database Development
  • Database Platforms and Services
  • The Relational Database
  • The Advantages of a Cloud Database Management System
  • The Disadvantages of a Cloud Database Management System

Scaling Large Scale Apps on the Cloud

  • Load balancer
  • Asynchronous messaging system
  • In-memory cache

We cover skills for front-end, back-end and a programming language. Upon successful completion of the course, not only will you be easily able to create web sites but also build web based applications and integrate with databases. We cover concepts as applied in the real-world and teach you all the best practices that make for a good web programmer. Usually in large scale projects, it is common to have people that are separated by functional knowledge such as a designer, a database engineer, a programmer etc. Throughout this course, we try to make you good at all these roles.

This program is not for the faint hearted because you will be learning at a high intensity fast paced environment. What people take a year to learn in college will be learnt in a month. You are likely to be spending close to 10 hours each day with 75% of the time in coding. By the end of it, your skills will be at a much higher level than a computer science student passing out of college.

The 3 weeks web programming boot camp is done in small groups so that the instructor can provide close attention to each individual. Participants will also have remote support after class. There will be an optional coding test at the end of each week to test how far you have come and determine if any extra after class coaching is needed. Many of our participants attend our programming workshop as an alternative to attending a year of two in a college.

At the end of the program, you will have an opportunity to showcase what you have learnt through a demo. You will be required to work on a project of your choosing and need to complete this project for the demo. We will invite people from the industry to this demo and this will be given you an opportunity to network and showcase your skills.

Course Features

You will learn with highly motivated and energetic set of people who are passionate about possibilities. Many of our previous participants have teamed up to create start-ups after completing our intensive bootcamp.

  • 3 weeks of immersive instructor-led learning
  • 90% time in learning-coding-testing-receiving feedback
  • Beginner focused (No programming experience needed)
  • AJAX, Node.js, AngularJS, Cloud database, server side programming, front-end, back-end
  • Cloud server instance set-up and operations
Web Developer Course

Course Modules

1. Introduction to become a Web Developer

This module is focused on the fundamentals of web development. The module provides an overview of all the technologies available and the strengths and weaknesses of each technology. Participants will be setting up their development environment on their laptops. All the software used during the program is open source and as such can be easily downloaded.

2. AngularJS

Angular is a front-end framework used for creating single-page applications (SPAs). Like the other MEAN technologies, Angular is open source and can be used freely in your applications. Single-page applications represent the latest evolution in web design. The idea behind SPAs is that all the necessary code can be retrieved in a single page load or dynamically loaded as necessary. As the user interacts with the application, data is sent to and received from the server using Ajax requests.

3. Node.js

This module introduces Node.js, the most successful server-side implementation of JavaScript. We discuss the reasons why Node has been successful as a server-side technology: because it uses a language that's familiar to many developers ― JavaScript ― and that it provides non-blocking asynchronous I/ O. One of the keys to the success of Node is the wide array of modules that are available to developers. There are open-source modules on GitHub for the majority of problems developers face when building a web server.

4. NoSQL, MongoDB

Almost all web applications depend on some sort of database for persisting information. Databases are primarily either relational or NoSQL. Relational databases, the de facto standard for years, are identified by their use of SQL. The NoSQL family of databases, as their name suggests, do not use SQL, and have risen to prominence in recent years, mainly due to the perceived ease of use and speed.

5. JavaScript

The ubiquity of JavaScript is one of the reasons why it is so attractive as a server-side language. If the web server is written in JavaScript, developers that know JavaScript can be active contributors, regardless of their specialization. JavaScript, the language, is the same both client-side and server-side using Node. Rather than having people specialize in one part of development versus another, there is now the opportunity to be a JavaScript developer and work on any aspect of a web application.

6. Frameworks and Plugins

The most important aspect of applications development is code re usability and efficiency. Express is a Node module that provides a thin web application framework around the core Node modules. Express provides request routing, a static file server, view engine integration, and a plethora of community modules. Express is a very thin layer that sits on top of the core modules

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